Northwestern University Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Richard M. Lueptow's Research Group


Success comes from the people you get to work with.  I am fortunate to work with several excellent collaborators and many wonderful students.

Collaborators, Past and Present

Patrick Bontoux, CNRS, France

Umberto D’Ortona, Aix-Marseille University

Denis Martinand, Aix-Marseille University

Julio M. Ottino, Northwestern University

Eric Serre, CNRS, France

Rob Sturman, University of Leeds

Paul Umbanhowar, Northwestern University

Graduate Students and Post-Docs

Ottino-Lueptow research group

The Ottino-Lueptow research group in September 2013:  Front Row (l-r) Richard Lueptow, Paul Park, Zafir Zaman, Julio M. Ottino; Second Row: Paul Umbanhowar, Austin Isner, Adam Spitulnik, Yi Fan; Back Row: Conor Schlick, Darius Wheeler, Dennis Diaz.

Ottino-Lueptow research group in 2007

The Ottino-Lueptow Research Group in 2007: (l-r) Diego A. Melani Barreiro, Nick Pohlman, Ashley Smart, Pengfei Chen, Richard Lueptow, Julio Ottino, Gabriel Juarez, Steve Cisar, Steve Meier, Jiajun Wang.

Lueptow research group 2006

The Lueptow Research Group in 2006: (l-r) Tapan Shah, Andi Petculescu, Antje Brucks, Nick Pohlman, Richard Lueptow, Yuan Yao.

Doctoral and PostDocs who I have advised or co-advised include (just a sample):

Ivan Christov, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Olivier Czarny, AREVA SA, France

Steve Meier, Exxon-Mobil

Steve Wereley, Purdue University

Pengfei Chen, UOP-Honeywell

Nick Pohlman, Northern Illinois University

Andi Petculescu, University of Louisiana

Steve Snarski, Applied Research Associates

Jay Schwille, Aerospace Corporation

Shannon Ciston, Unversity of California, Berkeley

Sangho Lee, Kookmin University, Korea

Yuan Yao, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Yeomin Yoon, University of South Carolina

Nitin Jain, ZS Associates

David Sheppard, US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

Alp Akonur, Baxter Healthcare

Augustin Min, Fenwal Inc.

Yi Fan, Dow Chemical Company

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Marissa Krotter

We integrate undergraduates into our research program.  Mechanical engineering student Marissa Krotter was lead author on the cover article in the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in 2012.  In addition to Northwestern undergraduates, students have visited from the French Air Force Academy, MIT, and the University of Bremen.